Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Finding a little bit of magic...

I really wanted to share how taking a very mundane, seemingly boring picture can be transformed into a beautiful image with a story or message.  I took this picture about a year or so ago - it was in my then studio.  A butterfly trapped in my curtain.  It was so beautiful in real life but I couldn't capture that so well, due to the lighting at the time.  I abandoned it and filed it away and when I was looking for an image with wings, I found it again.  I didn't even remember it was there.

In the image above - I used PicFx, zoomed in and used one of the filters to highlight the beautiful yellows and contrast the colors on the individual wings.  I wasn't thrilled with the angle.

In Instagram, I flipped the image around and straightened the horizon lines, especially the main line.  Those lines were the lines from the curtain.  In the Rhonna app, I added the script.

I love how dreamy this image is - the lines draw my eyes across and the horizon line makes me feel calm and collected .  I love the dots on the wings and subtle outline of the top wing and the translucentness of the whole image.  It's delicate and soft.

I love how no image is wasted.
I am starting to believe that you can find magic in almost any image.
You just need to find the courage to play.  Be encouraged...
The most arb photo, with limited edits may be carrying something very special.

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